How We Make It: Atlas Socks

The Atlas Socks are one of our signature products, launched in 2013. It features a combination of innovative yarns and advanced computerized knitting to create a comfortable sock that dissipates moisture and pressure white keeping odor at bay.  Here’s behind the scenes on how we make them.


We’ve been making these socks with our partners at Kaofeng and Singtex for 7 + years in the Taiwan’s renowned Shetou Township, famous for their sock-making industry.


Development starts with the computer program, which controls the yarn type, color, and stitch construction of every aspect of the sock. The programming requires a constant translation between a 2D programming language and a 3D dimensional garment.


The program has many layers where details like our word mark, or color patterns are overlaid on top of structural layers - defining the construction of the sock, like ventilation, cushioning, and support.


When production is ready, the necessary yarns are prepared and allocated to each machine.


Our heathered socks are made by using a yarn that is two different colored threads spun tightly together.


Production is run on fourteen different machines in the knitting room. Each machine is capable of making both cushioned socks and fine-gauge dress socks.


Yarn is then hand-threaded into the circular knitting machines, which usually needs a minimum of four different yarns for solid socks and up to 24 for more intricate patterns.


The needle cylinder rotates at high speeds, pulling the yarn in to create intertwined loops. Each needle can be actuated independently, allowing us to create zones of ventilation, cushioning, and support.


When the sock is finished it is sucked out of the bottom of the machine and deposited into a bin on the side for finishing, creating a seamless sock.


Kaofeng even makes underwear and other seamless garments on these larger Italian computerized knitting machines.


We’ve been working with Mr. Hsiao and his team at Kaofeng for 7+ years. They’re a fantastic partner in creating and innovating our Atlas Socks, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.