Customers of the Month: Katie and Dave, the Doctor and the Engineer

Meet Katie and Dave, two Canadians who have made their home in Boston to pursue their passions: helping others, building community, and enjoying each other’s company.


Katie is a pediatrician in a complex care clinic at a Boston hospital, and she spends her time working to improve the lives of families and children living with difficult medical needs. She and her team focus on improving the quality of care by fostering strong partnerships between families, their communities, and their medical care teams. In Dave’s words, Katie is “always thinking of others and how she can help.”  

Dave is a software engineering manager at Google, developing Google’s news experiences. He is also a passionate athlete who plays volleyball any chance he can. He pays it forward by coaching the men’s volleyball team at Wentworth Institute of Technology. To Dave, coaching is vital, “I come from a family of teachers,” he told us. “My dad is a university professor, and my mom was a high school teacher…I had coaches who were big parts of my life growing up, ones I still respect immensely and keep in touch with. So I wanted to bring these two things together.”


This husband-and-wife duo come from close-knit families, and while they now call the South End “home,” they travel back to Canada to visit family often. We took a stroll in the Boston Public Garden and through beautiful Beacon Hill and chatted with Katie and Dave about their ambitions for work, family, and travel.


How would you describe your partner in 10 words or less?
Katie: Dave is a loyal, logical, easy-to-talk-to guy who lives with integrity, and makes things happen. I know it’s too many words. He’s also handsome.

Dave: At first I thought of a single word - chocolate - but I’ll expand that into: Katie is an incredibly sweet, caring, passionate, and beautiful independent woman. She is always thinking of others and how she can help.


What have you discovered that has surprised you?
[We] have totally fallen in love with Boston. We are both from Canada, Dave came to Boston for work and I followed him after my pediatrics residency a few years ago. I never thought it would come to feel like home the way that it has!  We live in South End which has such a great community feel. Dave and I got married back in Toronto area last year and a bunch of friends that we met in Boston made the trip to celebrate with us, which meant a lot.


How do you take your coffee?
Katie: I love a good cappuccino. Dave somehow gets through his day without coffee of any kind. He hates the taste!

What TV shows or movies have you watched recently?
Game of Thrones, Jeopardy, and John Oliver. It’s an eclectic combo.

What music do you listen to?
Mumford and Sons, Queen, The Beatles… and the “Les Miserables” soundtrack is often playing at our house..!


If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
We would want to make it an entertaining meal for everyone. Think about a dinner table with J.K. Rowling’s imagination and story-telling, Winston Churchill’s wit and grit, and Banksy’s satire. Apparently we like famous Brits… 🇬🇧

What’s your favorite place?
Dave: We’ve been fortunate to travel to lots of places in the world, but seeing so many cultures, religions and beliefs intersect in Jerusalem makes it the most interesting city in the world to me.

Katie: It’s a tie between the beach on Lake Huron where my family vacations each year, and my parents’ house at Christmas.

What’s one place you would love to visit?
We have a “10 places in 10 years” list. Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat are on there, as well as Easter Island… Dave has always wanted to go!

You both seem to be really close with your families, can you tell us a little more about that?
Dave: My parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary in the 70s - it was an escaping-communism-love-story of sorts. They made a lot of sacrifices for me and my brother,  and instilled values of hard-work and determination in us. While both my brother and I have fled the nest (I to Boston, and my brother to New York), we chat every day and we spend time together often.

Katie: Our families live within an hour of one another in Toronto, and when we go home to the Toronto area we are always making lots of trips back and forth to spend as much time with everyone as possible. My family is very tight-knit. I have an older brother and a younger sister, and the main thing I remember is always having family meal time - a chance to check in on your day. That support network has really carried through and we make sure we see each other frequently. Our families have been a big support for us as we have made this journey in our lives to Boston and pursue our crazy goals together.

How does Ministry of Supply clothing make a difference in your life?
We travel a lot - for work, to see our families in the Toronto area, and for pleasure when we can. We always pack our Ministry of Supply clothes in our carry-ons knowing they’ll be wrinkle free at the destination. The easy care is a huge plus and one less thing to worry about when on the go!


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