A Scientifically Better Valentine's Day


In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we bring you the moments where our team has put Ministry of Supply to the ultimate test: true love. From Parisian proposals to wilderness weddings, Ministry of Supply is there when love is in the air.



"One of my favorites from our wedding - still looking sharp at the end of the night in Aero and Kinetic."



“My wedding basically wouldn’t have worked without Ministry of Supply. The entire wedding party hiked up a mountain for the ceremony, which was followed by an evening of dancing under the stars. Even my 85-year-old grandfather rocked an Apollo and Atlas socks.”



"9/10 times Grant almost looks decent, but I knew I would marry him when he proposed in his Aero and Kinetic Jacket. Okay - I knew before, but dang he looked good!"



“My groomsmen got matching socks and shirts for my wedding this summer. We did a LOT of dancing but still looked great in our Apollo 3s at the end of the night.”



“I biked 3,000 miles across the country in this customized Apollo Polo, so I figured why not propose in it as well." (Editor's note: she said yes.)



“A few weeks prior to my applying to Ministry of Supply, I was at dinner with my boyfriend, Ruairi, and I told him how impressed I was with his polo because it matched his eyes and it did not have a bird on it. He said that it was from Ministry of Supply. I looked up the website, and soon after saw there was an opening for GM in San Francisco - the rest is history. A date night approved Apollo Polo brought me to our San Francisco store!”