Todd Good

Todd Good is a surfer, a family man, a lover of the outdoors, and a wedding photographer by trade. When Todd enters the tenth straight hour of shooting a wedding under the Miami sun, sweat stains are a very real concern. “I sweat a lot through a wedding day, and when I’d wear a cotton shirt and pants I looked like I walked out of a sauna.”

After a client made a comment about his sweat stains, Todd had enough. He followed up on a colleague’s recommendation to try Ministry of Supply. He revamped his wardrobe, and now he says he could never go back: “even when I’m really sweaty, the shirts and pants don’t show any signs of it.”

Todd is constantly positioning himself at obtuse angles for the perfect shot. On top of wicking sweat, Todd is enamored with the 4-way stretch that our Kinetic Pant provides. “I’m always trying to get the perfect shot and now I never worry about ripping my clothes, or finding a position that works with what I’m wearing.”

Even among his arsenal of high-end cameras, Todd told us our gear was “literally the best investment in [his] business.” We’re flattered.

Describe your commute.
No commute, as I work from home. When I’m shooting I typically drive 30-60 minutes, and then I’m on my feet for 8-10 hours and always in awkward positions.

What's a place you'd love to visit that you haven't been to yet?
Santorini. It’s such a beautiful looking place and I could take photos all day long!

What is one thing you wish you had time for?
I really wish I had time to watch the sunrise and sunset every day.

Anything else you'd like to share?
I never thought that proper clothing would be such a priority in my business, but with the work that I do and the amount that I sweat, Ministry of Supply has made my life and job so much more enjoyable. And I don’t get called “that sweaty guy” anymore! .