Doug and Julie Weisman


Photographic evidence shows that Doug and Julie Weisman may have first met in the Newton High School Explorers club, though their paths certainly crossed even before then. They have been wearing fleece vests since before it was cool, and they spent their honeymoon in Cortina–because that’s what James Bond would have done. From those auspicious beginnings, they’ve continued to adventure both far afield and close to home. Their recent travels have brought them walking across Kenya, watching the Golden Eagle festival in Mongolia, and exploring glaciers above the arctic circle.

Julie was a pioneering member of one of the first classes to admit women at Dartmouth College, where she studied Russian. After graduation, she spent time in Vienna, working with emigrants from the Soviet Union. 25 years later, she completed a lifelong dream of taking the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow all the way to Beijing.


Doug has been a photographer since he was old enough to hold a camera, and he has harbored a lifelong antipathy for mayonnaise ever since an unfortunate hiking incident in which the tuna sandwiches all but destroyed his first Nikon SLR. His passion for photography developed into a deep involvement in broadcast television, and he built two companies on the cutting edge of video and live TV production. He’s currently a trustee at Ithaca College.

Ever since their time in the Explorers club, Doug and Julie have climbed and skied all over the world. They raised three kids (and several huskies) who all share their love of adventure, and they continue to travel the world seeking new experiences. As Julie says, “Pretty much anyplace I haven’t been seems interesting.”


We caught up with the Julie after she and Doug returned from Greenland and Baffin Island, where they helped field test the Mercury Intelligent Heated Vest above the arctic circle.

How would you describe yourselves in 10 words or less?


How do you take your coffee?

Black (Julie) and iced with a bit of cream (Doug).


What TV shows or movies have you watched recently?

The Americans.

What music are you listening to?

I was pleasantly surprised when my computer started playing the Robot Knights this morning. I love their early work.

What’s one place you haven’t been that you’d like to visit?

Almost everywhere has an appeal, but New Zealand is at the top of the list. I’d like to do one of the “Great Walks.” We also might go to Budapest in the fall. Vietnam has an appeal for me, having read so much about it over the years.


What’s one thing you wish you had more time for?

I believe that there’s time to do pretty much anything you want to do. That said, it’s hard to be in more than one place at once, and I wish I had time around now to visit my grandson, Jonah in Seattle.

Anything else we should know?

I wear Ministry of Supply all the time. In particular, I love the Luxe Touch tanks. I like sleeveless shirts, and they look good on their own, but also double well as a base layer when you need one. I’ve found that they are easy to travel with, since they take up no space in a suitcase, and you can wash them in the sink.

When Doug was in the process of selling his company, we were in London for some meetings, and he wore the Archive [predecessor to the Aero] dress shirts the whole time. He actually had to wash one in the hotel sink the day before an important meeting, and it looked great the next day. It’s probably the reason the sale went well.


All photos by Doug Weisman.