Caroline and Steve Coplin


Longtime regulars of our Boston location on Newbury Street, Steve and Caroline Coplin are the definition of a power couple. Three years ago they strolled down Newbury, saw an astronaut suit in the window of our store, and the rest is history. Steve filled his closet with about 20 dress shirts, and Caroline even wears her Women’s Kinetic pants to pilates.

Whether we’re traveling or commuting, they are perfect for everything... I replaced my entire wardrobe. -Steve Coplin

And travel they do. Caroline and Steve split their time between Boston and Naples, and frequently fly around the world to see clients. Caroline is from the south of France originally, and the couple enjoy traveling in Europe when they find free time. Lake Cuomo and Nice have been two two inspiring destinations. That said, when asked “where is your paradise” their mutual answer was, “right here in Boston.”


Caroline and Steve also find inspiration in their children. Caroline tells us, “You’re never too old to see the world through a child’s eyes. You can derive so much energy from being around a child and seeing the world through their prism. As they’ve gotten older [we’ve found] the current youth’s love for inclusion and tolerance for others so inspiring.”


How would you describe yourself?

Caroline Very pragmatic, organized and detail-oriented. Caroline was born in France, and loves traveling around the world.

Steve “Much more big picture. A dreamer kind of person.” Steve plays guitar, writes songs, and sings when he’s not at work or on the go.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Steve David Bowie. The chameleon way he jumps from genre to genre is second to none.

Caroline Frank Sinatra. He always makes me want to dance.

Favorite warm beverage?

Caroline Chai tea latte.

Steve A good strong cup of coffee.

Where is your paradise?

Steve London, I think it’s an amazingly diverse and vibrant city. We also love Boston - it’s just such a wonderful city.

Caroline Somewhere in Europe. I would love to re-explore London.

What's a place you'd love to visit that you haven't been to yet?

Steve Napa valley.

Anything else we should know?

When he’s not working and traveling, Steve writes music for the band Kurv, based in Naples, FL. His group, comprised of two financial professionals, a local business owner, and two professional musicians, has been together since 2013.