Ambika Singh


Ambika Singh, founder of Armoire, prefers the title “Chief Bosslady” rather than the more conventional, “CEO.” She has good reasons: While at MIT’s Sloan school of management, she realized that she wanted to make it easier for professional women to feel powerful and confident in what they wear to work. She pitched the early concept for Armoire around MIT and eventually pushed it through their Delta V Accelerator. Since then, she has been building Armoire into a “positive force for the women in her community”–her customers, employees, and supporters.

Armoire offers a pretty simple value–for a monthly fee, subscribers are sent highly curated outfits each month, based on their personal style and preferences. As soon as you tire of any of the garments, just send them back and pick out something else. It’s like an infinite virtual closet, so your actual closet can remain free of clutter.


In the early days, Armoire required incredible scrappiness and tenacity: “we bought the clothes at retail, and rented them out to customers. We’d hand-deliver them to the post office and when they were returned we’d personally take them to the dry cleaner.” That legwork paid off. “People really liked it from the first day. Three items turned into 10, and so on. It’s grown dramatically from there, but from a tactical perspective, we’ve been able to stay demand-oriented. The customer is our North Star.”


Ambika built Armoire because she wanted to empower women of all backgrounds, and to all the young, female entrepreneurs out there she says “fear not, Whippersnapper. It is harder for us, but what they don’t tell you is that you’ll find powerful allies in other women who will propel you farther than you ever thought possible.”


How would you describe yourself in ten words or less?
Optimistic, energetic, lover of great food, wine, and people.

What TV Shows/Movies have you recently watched?
I can’t wait for the RBG movie!!

What colors are best represented in your wardrobe?
I love bright colors: red, pink, royal blue, white.

What’s the one thing you wish you had time for?
Talking to more people about their realities who live in worlds different than my own.

Anything else we should know?
I love the focus on comfort at Ministry of Supply. MOS is delivering more smiles into the world through laser focus on great product, and I’m grateful for that!