A Thanksgiving Note From our Founders

Hi folks,

It’s that time of year again - when we get to step back for a minute to reflect and more importantly, say thanks. We get to celebrate the great year you gave us, and get hungry for a great year ahead. And hungry for turkey, too.

We’ve written an update for a few years in a row now, usually focused on some fun facts and some big plans (3D printing! Heated jackets!). But this year feels different, with milestones marked by some incredible personal growth that have led us to become a stronger company than ever. With that in mind, here are a few things to celebrate in no particular order:

Gihan biked across America! In an Apollo Polo! Then, at the end, he proposed to his now fiancé, Karoline! Wedding is in Norway 2020, so book your tickets, everyone’s invited (we haven’t run that by Karo yet…).

Brian and Tiffani both got engaged too, but not to each other (congrats to Jess and Grant). Ian took it a step further by getting married - congrats to Lauren and Ian!

Nicole is moving! She’s leaving her post as the GM in Santa Monica to take on a new role here at HQ in Boston - wish her luck on a journey across the country (not by bike).

Sarah, Dan, and Aman… had babies. Kids now officially outnumber dogs in the team dependent tally, but just barely - since Bodhi was added to the dog column, too.

And so many more.

No update would be complete without a few teasers on what’s to come, so here goes:

Labs Products 
Next year, you’ll see us “experiment” - a lot more. We engineer about twice as many concepts as we end up producing, and next year we want show those off. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the works: a commuter jacket with integrated lighting, a gym kit, and a first-of-its-kind material we’re co-developing with MIT.

Scientifically Sustainable 
We’ve long discussed our approach to building a responsible clothing cycle: Reuse through long-lasting garments and upcycling with 1 In 1 Out, reduce waste through technological improvements like 3D print-knit, and recycle both by using post-consumer materials more than ever and by providing channels to recycle old clothes. Stay tuned for our 2018 Sustainability Report! In 2019 you’ll see us double down on our commitment to our environment by using innovation to amplify sustainable practices. With all these new babies on the team, we’re more excited than ever to leave a better world for the next generation.

Smart Comfortable 
This year, we tested a lot of new products. The ones that have resonated the most form the foundation of what we call “Scientifically Natural” - products that utilize technical blends of natural fibers, are super soft and stretchy, and have no tradeoffs in terms of functionality or fit. Expect a lot more to come in this design pillar.

Oh, and our new favorite picture - our team at this past quarter’s “Fall Hands” retreat, enjoying some shuffle board, a home cooked meal, festive drinks, and Timothy, Nicole, and Cade holding down the fort on karaoke.

And a familiar close, which may get lost in this long note, but is easily the most important part: we are so, so thankful for all that you do for us. 6 years ago, we never imagined a community this tight, kind, supportive, adventurous, and open. Thank you!


Aman, Gihan, and the whole Ministry of Supply family

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