Jared Banner

Baseball is everything for Jared Banner. Having played since his youth, it’s more than just a game—it’s an all-encompassing way of life. Originally from Brooklyn, Jared moved to Boston after finishing his degree at Amherst, and just a week after graduating, started an internship with the Boston Red Sox. Years later, Jared has risen through the ranks to Vice President of Player Personnel. As such, Jared is constantly on the go, scouting for the best talent the world has to offer. He wears Ministry of Supply because it keeps him looking sharp and allows him to focus on his work, rather than worrying about ironing and dry cleaning while on the road.

Working for a team requires being just that, a team player. Every day, Jared strives to be a better leader, despite how difficult that can be. “We work in a competitive environment… you have to stay even-keeled and focused at all times.”

Team synergy comes from mutual respect and admiration. “It’s not just the people you work for, but the people you work with.”

To “outwork the competition” means to travel constantly. A comfortable and sharp looking wardrobe isn’t just an option, but a necessity.

Succeeding in your field and following your passion requires immense dedication, even “if that means spending more nights away from home.”