Ailis Tweed-Kent

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Ailis Tweed-Kent studied chemical engineering before medical school. After residency, she returned to her longtime passion for engineering. She now splits her time between running a medical technology startup and working as a physician in one of Boston’s busiest hospitals. Her company, Cocoon Biotech, is on the cutting edge of arthritis treatment, using silk to heal joint pain. As founder and CEO, Ailis has worn many hats and learned new skills and capabilities on the fly. “People doubted me a lot, but it made me stronger... You brush it off and determine what you control and focus on that.” She’s motivated by making a difference for people dealing with pain, “It's amazing to be a part of a team that can change people's' lives.”

Ailis learned about silk from a medical colleague, and realized it could be used as a localized treatment for arthritis pain.

Ailis’ personal style: “Colorful, eclectic, comfortable, diverse.”

When she’s not running a company or saving lives in the hospital, Ailis is outside hiking and doing other adventure activities.

“Be fearless. There's a lot of decisions in life we don't make because we're afraid of the outcome, and you have to just jump in and enjoy the ride.”