Ali Bouzari


One of the country’s premier culinary scientists, Ali Bouzari has instructed and built curriculums at the most prestigious culinary school in the world, consulted for some of the country’s most elite restaurants, launched his own company, and brought down the house at TEDx. His focus now is on developing tangible things like food products, equipment, techniques, software, and restaurant concepts that elevate the dining experience.


"I’ve loved chemistry since high school. I love how you can explain how everything in the world works based on a few simple patterns in nature."


"I started teaching culinary science at the Culinary Institute of America and consulting for a bunch of chefs like Corey Lee at Benu and Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park. These guys are all my heroes, and I still get giddy at the chance to eat at their restaurants, much less help them elevate what they do, even in the smallest way."


"We basically formed a dream team."


"People love learning how to do stuff, whether it’s dance steps or how to make bourbon caramel, and that process is just so much easier now."


"I really look up to people who are great at what they do but manage to stay well-rounded. The whole idea of becoming completely consumed by a single specific thing has never appealed to me, and I love learning about how really successful people manage to do a bunch of different things well."


"There are few things more satisfying than enjoying a mid-afternoon sandwich and a Real Madrid game on TV, then passing out midway through both of them on the couch."


"My job is ridiculous because my homework is traveling around central Texas eating brisket or seeing who makes the best ice cream in the East Village. I also read a lot of design, fashion, and science/tech blogs. It’s really helpful to see how much incredible stuff is coming out of other fields."