Matt Lieber


By taking care of what you can control, you’re better positioned for success against the unknown. It’s what being a Solver is all about – and how one could describe Matt Lieber’s role within podcast company Gimlet Media, which he co-founded with Alex Blumberg. Ask Matt, and he’ll tell you he’s the one handling “the business side of the business.” He’s certainly succeeded. Just two years into its existence, Gimlet has already accrued hundred of thousands of weekly listeners across its shows, many of whom got to know the company intimately through StartUp, the aptly-titled podcast chronicling Matt and Alex’s founding journey.


“Our product is something that we reinvent week after week after week, because we have to tell new stories.”


"Our work is a team sport, not something that you can do alone... it’s the whole team that makes it possible."


"Transparency is one of the core principles of our culture, and that comes from StartUp."


"We’ve recruited a killer team of producers, editors, and operators – and so the biggest challenge now is that we don’t have enough space to house all of them and don’t have enough studios to make more shows out of."


"Just focus on doing one thing really well and cut away all other distractions. And so for us that’s focusing on making great shows that engage listeners."